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100 Questions about Outer Space

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What holds galaxies together? Would Saturn float in a bathtub? How do astronauts use the toilet?

  • Young astronomers can find out the answers to all their questions about space on this wild ride through the solar system . . . and beyond! Discover how the stars got started and how the universe is growing. Blast off on amazing space missions, then plunge to the center of our very own planet Earth.

  • Along the way, learn outer space jokes to tell your friends. The sky's the limit!

  • Quirky, colorful, and educational!

  • Question-and-answer format breaks down information into manageable chunks.

  • Informal, kid-friendly language is breezy and fun.

  • Ages 7 and up.

  • Sturdy hardcover binding.

  • Book measures 6'' wide x 9'' high.

  • 48 pages.

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