Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out who my sales rep is?

Please call us at 800.527.1462 x 1 for more information

How do I order online at Anne McGilvray & Company?

Create an account, wait for approval, & add in credit card. Discounts and specials will be applied at checkout.

I created a new account but haven’t received an email that I’ve been approved. How long does it take?

We ask that you give us 12 hours to approve all web accounts and 24 hours during show months. Still have questions, please email [email protected] or call our Dallas office at 800.527.1462 x 1.

Why Aren't Catalogs Working for Me?

We use cookies to view our catalogs.  Please make sure that you have cookies enabled in the browser you're using.  If you have adjusted your security settings and are still having issues, please drop us an email at [email protected]

I’m searching by category, but don’t see the brand I’m looking for. Help!

No problem! You can search for any brand through the “Shop” feature at the top of the homepage or by clicking the “View More Brands” button near the bottom of the page.

 Is Anne McGilvray & Company PCI compliant?

Yes! When you enter your credit card number online, a token is created and passed to the vendor’s payment gateway rather than your actual card number. This ensures your information is kept safe and keeps us in compliance. Vendors are still able to adjust the total amount after receipt of the order, add freight and applicable discounts.

Why can’t I use my credit card to check-out?

Some of our vendors have yet to set up a payment gateway and/or would rather offer terms or call you for your card directly. For PCI compliance and your security, all credit card numbers must now go through the vendor’s payment gateway. Rather than us transmitting your number over the web, the gateway creates a ‘token’ for the vendor’s financial institution, keeping your card info safe.  If a vendor's gateway is not set up, the option to pay with a credit card has been removed from the check-out screen.

Where can I find out more information about a specific brand?

Rather than using the search field or shopping by category, go to the “Shop” tab in the header and select “Shop Brands.” From this page, you will see an alphabetical overview. Click on a name and the vendor’s brand page will appear with a brief description of the line, specials, minimum opening and re-order amounts as well as a link to their catalog. There is also a ‘brands’ link in the footer and right below the brand logos on the home page.

Can I see my entire order history from my customer dashboard?

Not currently. The site displays the online order history from this site only. For a full order history including orders placed on our original site, please reach out to your rep or our inside sales team at [email protected]

Can you give me an overview of My Shopping Carts?


  • A new ‘cart’ is created every time you select a product from a different vendor.
  • From “My Shopping Carts” ( top right of any page ) each cart displays the vendor’s minimum re-order amount and your cart total. This number changes from pink to blue when you’ve reached the re-order minimum.
  • To quickly see the opening order amount, remove an item from your cart or change any item’s quantity, just open the specific cart by clicking on it.
  • Not ready to check out, simply close the page or use your back button and the cart will remain there for next time.

Will my carts ever delete?

Your cart will be saved on the website until you check-out. If products are removed by a vendor from the site (discontinued, etc.), they will automatically be removed from your cart.

How do I make sure that I receive the Vendor Specials?

  • Once you’ve placed your order on the website, your rep will be notified and have a chance to review before it is finalized and sent to the vendor. This allows them to add any publisher discounts or vendor promotions.
  • You’re also always welcome to add a note for your rep on the order too.
  • Don’t have a rep? That’s ok, our inside sales team will review and add any applicable discounts or promotions on your behalf

I favorited a bunch of items to show my rep, but now what?

That’s great! Go to “My Account” in the top right of the header and select “Favorites.” Delete any of the items you’re no longer interested in and click “Create PDF” at the bottom of the page. Select whether you’d like wholesale pricing to appear, and the site will generate a pdf for you to print or share with UPC barcodes and all.

If an item says, “Out of Stock,” can I still add it to my cart, and have it backordered?

Not currently. Out of Stock products are not available for order on the website. Please contact your sales rep or our inside sales team for assistance.