Write Your Own Horoscope

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Become an expert astrologer and master of your own life and destiny with Write Your Own Horoscope. Your horoscope is both an astrological blueprint and a guide to your future. You can use it to uncover fascinating insights into your soul, love life, relationships, finances and career, as well as your potential. This beginner-to-pro astrology book gives you the tools and information you need to figure out the whys, hows and whens, and to make the most of all the opportunities these present. This book is not about fortune-telling; it?s about decoding the universe and your birth chart in order to ?learn why you behave in the way you do ?improve decision making ?flourish in the workplace ?discover your best love matches ?cultivate more rewarding friendships ?map out your futureGain a true understanding of all areas of your life and determine your own fate.
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