Self-Care Toolkit: 12 Days Of Crystal Magic 4/UN

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A bright and radiant 12 piece advent calendar style box with crystals, inspirational messages, and action steps for a self-care journey. Packaging features metallic gold foil accents and modern graphic design. Get ready to begin a 12 day journey to living your best life with crystal magic! Begin by opening the tab in the upper left corner to find the crystal and action step for the day. Discover the name of the crystal by using the symbol shown on the tab and match it to the chart on the inner cover. Then, find the corresponding haiku poem and crystal properties. Sit with the crystal and reflect upon what these elements bring up for you. This may inspire you to try a new activity, write in a journal, go for a walk, listen to music, or meditate. PAUSE + CONNECT A SELF-CARE TOOLKIT: 12 DAYS OF CRYSTAL MAGIC TO HELP YOU LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE ? How to use crystal magic? ? Tools included for observing your brilliant mind ? How to practice mindfulness ? Look up, look down: integrating cosmic experiences with inner world experiences 12 Stones: 1 Natural clear quartz point: 1"-1.25" (25-30mm) 11 stones, .75"-1"(19-25mm) each: -1 optical calcite - Icelandic Spar (rough) -1 peach moonstone (polished) -1 citrine (polished) -1 sandstone (rough) -1 rose quartz (polished) -1 Xiuyan jade (polished) -1 fluorite (rough) -1 amazonite (rough) -1 blue calcite (rough) -1 amethyst (polished) -1 black tourmaline (rough) One unit comes with 4 pieces
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