River Raft- Beaver

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SKU: BMRR-0005
UPC: 817742022067
"For a Dam Good Time, call BigMouth Inc. Easiest question you'll get all day: What ?wood? you rather raft witha plain ol' inner tube or a gigantic beaver? Duhwhen you plan a lazy river run with your pack, it go big or go home, dam it. This 4 foot wide Beaver River Tube is built for life on the flumeit made of ultra-thick, heavy-duty vinyl construction for durability, yet inflates with ease. Inside, there a mesh seat to keep your booty off of the rocks when the water is low.The Grab n' Latch rope around the perimeter of the tube means you'll never get separated from the colonyespecially at drop-in and exit points. So link up and drink up! A rigid cupholder keeps those red cups from getting crushed while staying uprighthaving an ice-cold drink nearby is a must when those temps crack triple digits."
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