Patriotic Star Pool Float

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SKU: BMPF-0155
UPC: 817742029387
"Stars and Stripes forever! There nothing quite like the magic of an American summercookouts, vacations, and relaxing in the water when the sun beats down. We want you to be the superstar of your pool, lake, or lazy river run with BigMouth Inc ginormous Patriotic Star Pool Float. It over 3 feet / 1m wide, and made of durable SmoothTouch?? vinyl that inflates with ease. And in the spirit of freedom, they designed the float so you can relax on your terms: stretch out and lounge across the top or use the center opening to take a dip and cool down. This float also features BigMouth BIG Easy Valve?? technology for faster, frustration-free fill-ups and incredibly quick deflationno valve squeezing required!"
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