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How to Be a Girl in the World

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Lydia hasn’t been comfortable in her own skin since the end of sixth grade, when the boys at her school commented on the way she looks in her uniform. Her cousin and friends think she should be flattered, but the boys—and sometimes Mom’s boyfriend, Jeremy—make Lydia uncomfortable and confused. Even more confusing is when Jeremy hovers too close and hugs a little too long. To stop it all, Lydia tries to be invisible, layering her clothes even in the summer and reading horror novels to escape her fears. Then her mom surprises her by buying a dilapidated house in their neighborhood. Lydia is certain it holds the magic she needs to protect herself, especially when she discovers a book of spells. But just like her loved ones, the magic Lydia deeply believes in eventually loses its power to keep her safe. And as seventh grade begins, Lydia isn’t sure what else to do . . . except figure out how to be a girl in a messy world.
Availability: 7/13/21
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