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Brief History of Art Puzzle

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From the Lascaux Cave paintings in prehistoric France� to human figures from ancient Egypt and ancient Greece� on to Italian Byzantine art� early Netherlandish� Venice, Florence, France, Spain, Norway, Mexico, all the way to the Abstract end-of-the-20-century USA� "Now you can relive the history of Western Art in a single weekend! Each time you assemble UPG's A Brief History of Art jigsaw puzzle, you receive an entire course in Art History in a merest fraction of the time! That's 1/6,205,000 of the time it took to make the art, starting 15,000 BCE and ending in the late 20 century. Or it's only 1/10 of the time it would take for an Art History 101 class. (But only if you don't do the reading.)Our colorful, cultural jigsaw puzzles are 1,000-piece wonders that deserve to be center stage. Minimal puzzle dust. Reduced glare matte finish. Each has its own mini poster with puzzle art inside.