Astronaut Cuble

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5 1/4" x 7" | Ages 5-12, Grades K-6 |Nonreturnable 2 per design, minimum | Made in the U.S.A. A no-glue, no-scissors, no-screen, foldable activity! Cubles are a wonderful and creative activity for all ages: a bit like origami, a bit like a puzzle: Imagine if origami had color-coded tabs, was sturdy and simple like a puzzle, had pre-etched fold lines, and moved like an action figure! No scissors, glue, or extra supplies needed. Cubles arrive in a package the same size of a greeting card and turn into a durable, 3D figure. Every Cuble comes with: *Precut, easy to build pop out pieces *Movable parts *Simple-to-follow instructions *A whole lot of creativity For every tree that gets used to make Cubles, we donate enough to to plant 100 more! Every Cuble is also 100 percent recyclable, and the sleeve is 100% compostable. We don't use any plastic parts, and are committed to making our products in the USA, including the paper we use! Cubles are: *Great for the brain. *Enhance spacial reasoning and fine motor skills *Made of sturdy paperboard and much stronger than you would think *Fun for play; download a stop motion app and make a fun movie *100% recyclable, including the packaging *Best for ages 6+, but great for all ages with guidance