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AC/DC Coasters

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129304 ROCK OUT YOUR TABLETOP: Having friends over for a drink? protect your stuff! Don't be the one to let stains ruin your table top. Rock out with our AQAURIUS coasters, and prepare for the envy from family and friends. Any rock fan will love these129304 FAVORITE NUMBER? FOUR?: Yup, never metaphor I didn't like. Our coaster also come in sets of four to accommodate your family, great to bring as a party guest, or just to show off to friends when they come over for a drink. Great gift idea for all ages129304 PRACTICAL AND BEAUTIFUL: These coasters are great for protecting tables, desks, countertops, and more from damage of cold or hot drinks. Not only do they provide protection, but the look pretty groovy too129304 SIMPLE TO CLEAN: Dirty coasters? This can happen over time, but no worries! These are easy to clean, just rinse them under some water and your done! These are the perfect coasters for drinks at home bars or family gatherings
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